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About me

I was born in New Zealand in 1966.  I grew up in both the Land of the Long White Cloud and Australia.  In 1988 my husband and I moved our Domicile to Germany to open our gourmet Restaurant.  In 1990 our daughter saw the light of this world and in 1992 our son followed.  Since 1998 I have been practicing Tai chi chuan and the sword form from the Yang Family lead by Grandmaster K H Chu.  In 2002 I began studying Qigong Yangsheng.  I have completed a five year degree as teacher of the System of Prof. Jiao Guorui under the Medizinischen Gesellschaft for Qigong Yangsheng e.V.  Under the later organization I regularly attend further educational seminars to broaden my knowledge so as to provide a continuously high standard.

About ''Koru''

The business symbol of “Koru – center for Qigong Yangsheng” represents me personally; as a Kiwi citizen with Maori heritage.  The “Kiwi” is a flightless native bird from New Zealand.  This most ancient bird is the national symbol of New Zealand  and  the association is so strong that the term Kiwi is used for it´s citizens all over the world. Carried within the stomach of the Kiwi is the symbol of the koru.  

The Maori word „koru” is the name for the spiral shape of a new unfurling sliver fern frond.  Meaning “loop” it stands for new life and beginnings, growth, stength and peace.  The circular shape represents the idea of perpetual movement.  The inner coils represents the heart or point of origin from which we come.  The “koru” symbolizes the way in which life both changes and stays the same.  The colouring is “Greenstone” which is the name for the predominantly greenish-coloured rock of New Zealand.  The value of greenstone lies in its beauty and its toughness and endurance.

Ball of light
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