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Kaua e whakaarohia te mahinga engari te otinga

Think not of the labour; rather reflect on the completion

(Maori proverb from Whakatauki)

The classes are in alignment with the German School calendar.




For individuall times please send me an Email.

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The classes are held in German or upon request in English. The courses are in alignment with the German School calendar timetable. Payment is due on the first day of a new course. For individual lessons, Seminar costs for businesses and individual enquiries please Link contact me directly. The course is held outside in the months of Spring and Summer (weather permitting) in the beautiful surroundings of the Nature Park of Restauarnt Jägerhaus. In Autumn and Winter the classes are held in the Fresco Room with Restaurant Jägerhaus.

**This is not a contact form but a application form.

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