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10. Qigong Yangsheng can be applied in multiple disciplines*

Qigong Yangsheng exercises, regardless of your age or present health condition,
can be learnt and practicedby all.

Taking back into your own hands, the responsibility for your health is a step we often have to re-learn.  Yet it is the most rewarding action you can undertake, as you develop a tangible awareness of what your personal needs are, as well as feel the steadfast improvement in both the health of mind and body.  In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) "Qigong" is a general term for various exercise methods.

 "Qigong Yangsheng" is a complete health system, developed by Professor Jiao Guorui which is to cultivate one's own life energies.  It is practised and used as a physical gauge in maintaining health; in the form of regulating the bodies Chi through movement and stillness.  The effects can be seen and felt on the body.  For me it is a wonderful step towards walking in harmony, within the environment in which I live and its continuously pressurizing stresses. As a teacher of ''Qigong Yangsheng'' you learn and place into practice the "8 Brocade", "15 Expressional forms" and the "5 Animal Frolics". Come and enjoy with me the pure elegance, finesse and pleasure of movement and stillness of "Qigong Yangsheng" in the natural surroundings of the Black forest.

*10. Qigong Yangsheng can be applied in multiple disciplines = Qigong Yangsheng. Ein Lehrgedicht, Jiao Guorui, Medizinische Literarische Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Ulzen.

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